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I realized I haven't posted in almost.. a year? Not quite, but close. I am also aware of the fact that millions of people around the world have been blogging incessantly about Heath Ledger's death, and it's not like I *have* to join the bandwagon but I just had to post this.. Strange that I wanted to get back to the whole lj thing, because I kinda miss it.. I mean strange that it happens NOW. Argh, I'm not making any sense but.. I just want to say I find his death so... inexplicable? Unnecessary? Ugh, wrong words.. No I didn't know Heath personally and I do think some people go a teensy bit OTT when commenting on this tragedy but STILL.. I've loved him ever since A Knight's Tale, I think he was a great actor, and I was really looking forward to seeing him in the new Batman movie. So yeah, I guess this isn't quite the entry I was anticipating (it was meant to be a bit more.. cheerful) but this had to be said.

Heath Ledger (1979-2008)

I think you own me, you own my soul.

I wanna live in Finland. I wanna marry a Finnish guy. OK I'm not saying that my dream is to live in Finland and never see other countries (you know me... Europe I love you!! Switzerland, Austria, France.. love love love), but it's my home now. I'm not kidding.. Prague is my "real" home of course, and I do love it. I mean HELLO I'm Czech & proud to be. And being in Scotland makes me appreciate the Czech culture even more somehow. But Finland is MY place and yeah.. I know, incoherent blabber. I was trying to make a point! Anyway, rakastan Suomea! If people find all my Finland posts exactly the same then... too bad. xD This is my journal!! Haha jk but really... whenever I'm on Aleksanterinkatu and I look around, I just feel so relaxed. I see all those people with their individual style and people who eat ice-cream even when it's -10 degrees and girls with Longchamp bags... guys who aren't afraid to dress feminine... I can go for sushi and see the Silja Line out of the window... I can go see amazing bands like every week for 10 euros. The mood there is so different, so "fresh" if that makes sense. And yeah even Mr. Ellum (saw him when I went back to ISH this spring) said there's no place like Finland. So true.. I mean, Finland's the place where you can leave your Lacoste shoes in a gym for the whole day and they'll be in the same spot where you left them in the evening.

OK I didn't know this would turn out to be an essay, especially since I have to finish a REAL essay. Anyway, here's a video of Ari Koivunen, the guy who won the Finnish Idols. The final was on when I was in Finland this spring and I think he's amazing.. American Idol should have people like HIM!! There's loads more on youtube, just search for his name.

Isn't he so good?? Me and my mom both really liked him.. such a good voice!! Lol you can so tell it's the Finnish Idols as in no one forces you to dress like Britney.. xD Ari <33

This is me

Stolen from wickedbuzz I love it!! Also thank you so much for all the costume suggestions everyone and sorry for not replying to the comments!! I will... (sorry wickedbuzz, I didn't reply TWICE and I know it! You can kick me.. I was just in a pretty *weird* state these past couple of weeks). I think in the end I decided to go as Anna Kournikova. Haha I'm gonna get a blond wig and a fake tan (haha my first time.. as you can see I HATE fake tans!) and that's about it. I have a tennis racket and everything so I'm not gonna spend much.. I really didn't wanna waste too much money on a costume. But thank you for the suggestions once again! :)


I need everyone's help.. there's this "Final Fling" thing at uni next week... the final party, so it's a pretty big deal. The theme this year is "Dead Famous" - basically, you can go dressed as someone famous (either dead or alive... dead could mean "really" famous as well). And I can soo see like 12 Marilyn Monroes and 20 Elvises there, so I'm not even thinking about famous people like that. So does anyone have any ideas? Anything? My friend's going as Audrey Hepburn and I think THAT's a good costume idea. But I don't mind going as a famous guy either ;) like a rockstar or... just anyone!! But I can't think of anything fun yet original.. pleeeease help! I'll appreciate it!

Danke :D

Loss of appetite

You know sometimes I wish I could just know the answer to everything. So that I could feel better. Like.. why do I always worry about THAT? Is there a reason? Or is it just me being crazy? Should I just forget about it? Go on? Concentrate on uni stuff? Or sit here and feel crap? Just... why? Should I get help? Or forget about it and try to act happy and cheerful?

I just wish I'd have the right resources that could tell me the truth.

Say what say what say what....

LOL..... I have been listening to this over and over and over again...


Hahahahhaha that one part Da geht mein Herz auf, hach (My heart is melting, awww) xDDDDDDD


Oh.. I just had to post this... sooooooooooo cute!! It's like the two cutest things TOGETHER. ♥

~*Die goal list*~

One essay down... one more to go. Don't really know how to get started on this one though, as it is the scheisse and everyone knows it. I mean, most people that I ask use one website as a reference for this 2000-word essay... is that normal?? O_o Nahh I didn't think so either.


There are some new things on my goals list...

[1] Get better at Photoshop GET PHOTOSHOP FIRST!! *duhh* Lolz xD I so don't wanna spend $200 on it though... that's like.. £100.. ahh no way no way!! *must ask brother to give me illegal copy*
[2] Go blonder... seriously, I did go A BIT more blonde this time, but I never have the guts to do it more!
[3] Urm.... buy Zimmer 483. I KNOW. I'm a bad fangirl. Haha after falling in love with THIS I can soo see Bill going... Ja, so you call urself a fangirl?? Well you TTLY lyk don't deserve that title. All unsere fans BUY unsere albums!! Ja, diese behaviour is unacceptable. xDDDD But would anyone let me download it for now?? Pretty pleeeeease
[4] Get THIS PICTURE out of my head. OK maybe not. xD
[5] See Tokio Hotel in Prague. OK since I shall be in Finland at that time... ask bro to go see them instead and take LOADS of pics & notes on how it went. Haha yeah right like he'd ever go see them. -_- lol
[6] Learn German (OK, not a new goal).
[7] Learn Finnish (an old goal brought back to life).
[8] Buy Buffy DVDs... woohoo just finished watching season 4. Spike fur den gewinn!!
[9] Get started on that education essay!!!!! ASAP danke.

Oh wellz. Can you even say that... oh wellz..? Anyway I think that's about it for jetzt.

Proud to be a TCK

I found a group on facebook I went to an international school... and it just triggered so many memories. Of Helsinki, of course, but not only that.. I just remembered my past experiences, and living in Canada, Finland, and Czech (of course..) and meeting so many different people. It's like finally someone knows what it's like to.. be a TCK (third culture kid). Because as much as I am grateful for the friends I made in Scotland, sometimes I feel like they'll never understand the whole international school/TCK thing. Whereas I feel like my classmates in Canada did... just because there was such a wide variety of cultures in FACE and Michele-Provost. *sigh* I'm not sad or anything, more like.. disappointed that sometimes I can't talk to people here about things they'll get. It's not their fault: I'd be exactly the same if I had lived in Czech my whole life! But yeah, my point is, sometimes I bring something up, and people either don't get it or make a joke out of it (and like I said... they're not being mean or anything like that!! it's just the whole culture thing). Being in ISH was cool since people's backgrounds made SENSE to me. I remembered that someone was half/half or that he/she lived somewhere... it wasn't hard to understand. Well it seems like here I can't really find someone who'd be able to relate to all this. I'm not saying everyone needs to be a world traveler but.. it's just NICE when people know certain things. Or can take some things seriously. Or be open to new views and opinions. Because not all people are a certain way.. but meh.. I guess they just have to see for themselves. Anyway, I think it would be soo cool to work in an international school. Helsinki yeah.. but even other countries, like Sweden, coz I think there are 3 (or more) in Stockholm. Or even Canada. International teacher!! Ahh yeah sounds great.. till then, I'll keep on trying to be able to study abroad in my 3rd year. Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Sweden would be so damn cool!


I got back from Lanzarote (in the Canary Islands) on Thursday.. was there with the tennis team. I know, I know, lack of updates.. let's just say I didn't really wanna fly there (not GO, because I really wanted to go) so I didn't talk about it. But now I'm so glad I went - 24 degree weather baby! And it's like 3 degrees back in Scotland, boohoo. :( Anyway, I'm gonna post some pictures soon, I didn't take that many but our tennis president took loads and he's gonna send them to me.

My paid account is expiring in 5 days!! All I can say to that is R.I.P. my love :( I rrrreally want one again but... yeah don't wanna ask my parents to buy me one. Oh well, it was a nice relationship while it lasted.

Anyhoos! Pictures sooooon :D

P.S.: This is where we stayed.